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Pool safety Certification FAQs

Do these regulations apply to me? I live in NSW.

Yes. If your property has a swimming pool or spa you must register your pool or spa with the NSW. Swimming Pool Register. You must comply with pool certification regulations that apply to your pool.

Can I sell my home or lease my property without a pool safety certificate?

No, if you wish to sell or lease a property, you must first obtain a Pool Compliance Certificate. The pool certification is then part of your contract for the sale or property lease.

How long will my Pool Compliance Certificate be valid for?

The Pool Compliance Certificate is for 3 years.

What steps can I take to ensure my pool passes inspection?

To ensure you are fully prepared for our pool safety inspector, first read our information sheets and Pool Safety Tips.

What happens if my pool fails the initial inspection?

You will be advised of the items of noncompliance and when these are rectified we can re inspect and issue the pool certification certificate.

How quickly can I get an inspection?

Our pool safety inspector can provide an express pool inspection completed within 2 days, or a standard pool safety certificate within 10 days. We can email pool certification certificates to your solicitor or agent.

I live in a strata apartment with a common pool. Do I need a certificate?

Yes. A valid certificate of certification needs to be held by the Owners Corporation as the owner of the pool or spa. All owners in the scheme can rely on that certificate when sell or lease their property.

If you have any further questions, please give us a call or email us.


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